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Welcome to Amore Adult Doll, where quality, legality, and customer service are our top priorities. Founded by a husband (James) and wife (Olivia) team with a background in the adult industry, including owning a reputable sex shop in NYC, we bring a unique blend of expertise and professionalism to the world of adult dolls.


Our journey began with a passion for providing safe and hygienic products to our customers. As a registered nurse, Olivia, the wife in our team brings a keen understanding of hygiene issues, ensuring that every doll we sell meets strict standards of cleanliness and safety.


Amore Adult Doll takes pride in being a fully legal business registered in New York State. We diligently collect both Federal and state taxes, demonstrating our commitment to operating transparently and ethically. Customers may verify our registration info at https://apps.dos.ny.gov/publicInquiry/ or by calling New York State Department of State Consumer Protection at (800) 697-1220. 


One thing that sets us apart from other doll vendors is our genuine US presence. While some vendors claim to be based in the US, many either conceal their physical address or provide fake information. In contrast, we proudly display our physical address, identical to the one listed under New York State public business records, emphasizing our dedication to honesty and trustworthiness. 


Moreover, our customer service distinguishes us. Unlike other vendors who may have delayed responses or rely solely on automated chat systems, we prioritize timely and personalized communication with our customers. Whether you have questions about our products, need assistance with your order, or require guidance on legal considerations, our team is here to provide reliable support every step of the way. We provide various channels for customer support, including online live chat with our agents, emails, phone calls, text messages, and WhatsApp, available from 10 am to 10 pm every day of the week.


Speaking of legal considerations, we are well-versed in US laws regarding adult products. We understand that certain states, such as Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky and a few others, have specific regulations regarding the sale and purchase of child-like sex dolls, and we ensure full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.


Purchasing a doll shouldn't be a stressful experience, nor should it cause anxiety. It should be enjoyable. Our aim is to ensure every customer feels content and confident in their purchase, regardless of their familiarity with dolls or budget constraints.


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