Legal Considerations: Amore's Stance on Petite Dolls


  • Amore Adult Doll is committed to ethical and legal practices in the adult doll industry.
  • In light of legal considerations, Amore Adult Doll has chosen NOT to sell petite dolls and advises against their purchase by US customers, either online or in physical stores.


  • Various states, including Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Utah, Hawaii, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, have enacted legislation against childlike sex dolls.
  • Possession of a childlike sex doll is deemed a crime of the third degree, with specific legal definitions for such dolls.




  • The law defines a "Childlike sex doll" as an anatomically-correct doll, mannequin, or robot with the features of, or with features that resemble those of, a child, intended for use in sexual acts, which emits sensuality with sufficient impact to concentrate prurient interest on a child.


  • Certain jurisdictions raise legal concerns regarding the appearance of petite dolls resembling minors.
  • These concerns stem from potential associations with child-like features and may have implications related to age of consent laws.


  • Legal frameworks can change over time, leading to potential restrictions on items like petite dolls.
  • Customers must stay informed about evolving laws, as what may be permissible today may become restricted in the future.


  • Before purchasing a petite doll, customers should thoroughly research and understand local laws and regulations.
  • Awareness of potential legal changes is crucial to ensure compliance and avoid legal issues related to ownership of petite dolls.


    • Amore Adult Doll prioritizes adherence to legal guidelines and ethical standards in the adult doll industry.
    • By refraining from selling petite dolls and cautioning customers about potential legal implications, Amore Adult Doll aims to promote responsible practices and ensure a safe and compliant experience for its customers.


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