Ginny: 37.6LB Removable Vaginal Sex Doll 4 in 1 with Tantabosom

Ginny: 37.6LB Removable Vaginal Sex Doll 4 in 1 with Tantabosom

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Ginny, she lives in a serene little town and still recalls her childhood memories of secretly leafing through a Victorian-era magazine. Those images of women clad in snug-fitting gowns, exuding elegance with graceful curves, are etched deep in her memory.
Over the years, Ginny emulated those visuals, donning sleek waist-cinching corsets as if to connect with the elegance of the Victorian era. However, as time passed, Ginny's world began to expand, with a multitude of knowledge and perspectives entering her life. She gradually realized that the corset's constraints weren't limited to her body, but they also extended into her psyche. She yearned for freedom, to explore her true needs, and to unleash her inner self.
Ginny embarked on a journey of self-liberation. Would you be willing to accompany her as she becomes her own queen?

Net Weight 37.6lbs / 17.1kg
Gross Weight 48.7lbs / 22.1kg
Upper Bust 34.2in / 87cm
Under Bust 22.4in / 57cm
Hip Circumference 31.1in / 79cm
Waist Circumference 18.9in / 48cm
Leg Circumference (maximum) 16.1in / 41cm
Leg Length 6.22in / 15.8cm
Sitting Height 18.5in / 47.1cm
Suitable Storage Box 30.9in x 14.7in x 12.4in
78.5cm x 37.5cm x 31.5cm

Perky and Natural Bosom

Ginny Doll's teardrop-shaped breasts, naturally mature, enhanced by Tantaly's unique gel breast augmentation formula, Tantabosom. Her nipples are firm, ready for your caress and suckling, bouncing and swaying with each thrust, soft, natural, and full of femininity. What's not to love about those breasts?

Easy Cleaning, Maintaining Hygiene

Ginny is Tantaly's first leg removable sex doll with a modular vaginal design. Weighing at 37.6 lbs, while not particularly heavy, cleaning a wet sex doll in the bathroom isn't the easiest task. The detachable vaginal module means you can quickly clean and maintain your partner. The pleasure experience goes further!

Multiple Experiences to Satisfy Your Need

Our removable vaginal sex doll offers unprecedented multiple experiences. Equipped with three detachable vaginal modules and one fixed anal orifice, this doll allows you to choose different experiences based on your mood and desire. No longer confined to just one choice, you can indulge in the pleasures this doll has to offer.

*Ginny's removable vaginas are compatible with Mia's.

Suitable for Beginner: There is a slightly narrower entrance, followed by a circle of small beads, passing through a rugged canal and ending in a circle of larger rises. This vagina has a varied texture, but is more relaxed you slow down a bit and you can enjoy it more fully for longer.
Regular Experience: If you're looking for something that has a slightly larger hole and a somewhat less intense texture. The entrance has a nice medium sized round bump teasing your head, and contact with the spiral section at the back of the sleeve is just as stimulating deep into the balls. All in all the texture of this sleeve is very versatile and allows for greater control for long or quick strokes.
Super Stimulating:Her orifice is very inviting, you easily slip inside, the canal is repetitive and more realistic to the real thing. In addition, her tunnel is very tight and if you are into quickies this one can do it for you!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

For starters is larger than life in terms of photo to reality. I was astonished at how amazing she is and I still am amazed. Every little detail is beyond perfect in regards to her skin, the design and added weight. With that being said she can be a bit heavy sure but with practice and some added lifting and moving time with her it won't be as bad. She'll always be heavy no matter your strength and that's because it's dead weight but that's no problem as it adds to the realism of this doll. A must buy!!!!!!

Eugene F.

I was skeptical and nervous after purchasing this, hoping it wouldn't be a waste of money, but after using it a couple time now, I can say that it's very fun and satisfying! I think I will definitely get my money's worth out of it, eventually.

Great Doll

This is my 1st torso doll and Ginny is the complete package. All the attention to detail and easy cleanup due to the removable parts make her easy to maintain. I highly recommend Ginny.

Jeffrey Q.
Good quality doll

I am extremely satisfied with the purchase of Ginny! She comes packaged in a separate box, and the packaging is well done. She has lively large breasts, a beautiful round buttocks – quite stunning! Looking forward to more dates with Ginny!

Love it

It's amazing. I've never had a better torso. When we had sex she rocked like a real woman and it was amazing. Looking forward to having more sex with her.

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